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Alpine is introducing a new era with the launch of the A290 — the era of the electric sports car in Alpine mode. This respects the brand’s three pillars: performance, agility, and lightweight, as well as French savoir-faire. The A290 is a new entry point into the Alpine world and marks the introduction of Alpine’s 100% electric Dream Garage. A GT C-Crossover and the new A110 will also be added to the lineup alongside the A290.

The A290 combines the driving sensations of the A110 into a compact and agile urban sports car. It offers high performance and comfortable everyday use, with an electric platform and energy services for optimized home recharging.

The Alpine A290 is a cutting-edge electric vehicle designed for both performance and style. It is assembled in Douai, France, and features advanced technical capabilities and extensive connectivity options. The electric motor is built at the Megafactory in Cléon, and the battery production is set to begin in France in the summer of 2025.

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A quote from… Philippe Krief, CEO Alpine
Our Alpine A290 is the first model of a new electric generation, inaugurating our Dream Garage in the finest possible way. This urban sportscar marks the introduction of Alpine to a broader public and resurrects a forgotten category, the hot hatch, so much loved for the driving pleasure it delivers.”

The development engineers of the A290 made driving pleasure and the thrill of a hot hatch their top priorities. The electric propulsion in the new Alpine enhances sportiness without compromising everyday comfort. The platform specific to electric power offers significant advantages in weight distribution and lowers the center of gravity. Moreover, the car’s high-performance engine, based on the AmpR Small platform, ensures both exceptional performance and comfort.

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