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Carwow’s Mat Watson and his team have obtained some of the latest and most advanced electric cars. They are embarking on an EV range test to determine how far these vehicles can travel on a single charge! The cars included in this test are the all-new Porsche Taycan Performance Battery Plus, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range, the BMW i5 eDrive 40, the BYD Seal Design, the Polestar 2 Long Range, and the Mercedes EQE 300. The challenge is to see how their real-world performance compares to their claimed range.

Here they delve into the specifics. The Taycan comes with a 97kWh battery and is purported to have a range of 421 miles. Next up is the Polestar 2 Long Range, equipped with a 79kWh battery that can reach 406 miles. Following that comes the Model 3, which has a 75kWh battery and the capability to cover 390 miles.

Next up is the Mercedes, which is fitted with an 89kWh battery and can reach 380 miles. The second-to-last car is the BMW i5, with an 81kWh battery that will propel it to 362 miles. Finally, it’s the BYD, which comes equipped with an 82.5kWh battery and has a claimed range of 354 miles.

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So which vehicle do you think will go the furthest? Will it be an easy win for the Porsche? There’s only one way to find out.

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