The search tool is available for all new IDs and the new Golf3, Tiguan3, and Passat3.
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Get ready for the future of driving with Volkswagen’s new-generation infotainment system, now powered by the revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) of ChatGPT. This cutting-edge AI tool is available in all new vehicles with an all-electric ID. family2, as well as in the new Golf3, new Tiguan3, and new Passat3. With the IDA voice assistant, you can now enjoy a host of new features that redefine the driving experience, from having search results read out to you, to interacting with your car using natural language.

Kai Grünitz, Member of the Brand Board of Management responsible for Development, stated: “Volkswagen has a long tradition of making technologies accessible to many people. By seamlessly integrating ChatGPT into the backend of our voice assistant, we are offering drivers the opportunity to use this artificial intelligence daily, thus underlining how innovative our products are.”

Current Volkswagen models allow users to control the infotainment, navigation, and climate control systems using the IDA online voice assistant. The vehicle can also answer questions about various topics. However, with the introduction of ChatGPT, the possibilities have expanded significantly: for example, AI can provide information on tourist attractions, report on past football tournaments, or help solve math problems. The driver can talk to the assistant in natural language, working intuitively without needing to take their eyes off the road.

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The digital assistant is easy to use, and no additional account is necessary. Volkswagen customers with an existing VW Connect/VW Connect Plus account can use the IDA voice assistant as usual – they do not require additional access or an additional app. The digital assistant is launched by saying “Hello IDA” or by pressing the button on the steering wheel. Only if the Volkswagen system cannot answer a query is it forwarded anonymously to ChatGPT; the answer is then provided in the familiar Volkswagen voice. At no point does ChatGPT gain access to vehicle data. Questions and answers are deleted immediately to ensure optimal data protection. The online voice assistant can be deactivated in the settings area of the Volkswagen app or the infotainment systems privacy settings.

The technology is available in five languages and is currently available in the system languages English (US), English (UK), Spanish, Czech, and German. The integration of ChatGPT into the IDA voice assistant in Volkswagen vehicles is possible thanks to a collaboration with Cerence Inc., the global leader in automotive AI solutions, and its Cerence Chat Pro, which uses a variety of sources – including ChatGPT – to enable IDA to provide accurate and relevant responses to almost every query imaginable.

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