The carbon emissions from charging an electric vehicle can vary based on the carbon intensity of the electricity used. In 2024, the grid’s average carbon intensity was 129.9g CO2/kWh, with a range from 19g to 295g CO2/kWh. This means that when an EV is charged can greatly impact its carbon footprint.

According to UK government figures from 2023, the average emissions of an electric vehicle (EV) are 81g of CO2 equivalent per mile, which is significantly lower than the equivalent figure for a petrol car, which is 263g CO2e per mile. New technology has optimized the timing of electric vehicle charging, resulting in a substantial reduction in the average EV emissions figure to under 40g of CO2 equivalent per mile, and in some cases as low as 9g of CO2e per mile.

These emissions reductions have been achieved by users of DriveElectric Plus, which is powered by Crowd-Charge technology. This technology harnesses AI to deliver a smart charging solution that optimizes EV charging based on the lowest carbon intensity of the grid.


DriveElectric Plus also provides data on carbon emission savings, which can assist companies in their carbon reporting when used by fleets.

Mike Potter, Managing Director of DriveElectric, says “Electric vehicles can help individuals, businesses and the UK as a whole to achieve significantly lower carbon emissions, but only if the EVs are charged with low carbon electricity. The challenge is that most drivers don’t know what the carbon emissions are each time they charge.”

Americo Lenza, COO of Crowd-Charge, adds: “DriveElectric Plus measures the carbon emissions involved in charging, and optimises charging to achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint, so ensuring that electric vehicles have significantly lower real-world carbon emissions than petrol vehicles.”

DriveElectric is an electric vehicle leasing company that has been helping organizations and individuals transition to electric vehicles since 2008. They offer expertise in vehicle selection, funding, charging, and driver engagement, along with a customized service for businesses using EVs.

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