ID.7 Pro S Match fastback and Tourer now available to order.
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The new Volkswagen ID.7 Pro S models come with a larger 86 kWh battery compared to the 77 kWh battery in the standard ID.7 models. This results in an improved WLTP pure electric range of 437 miles for the Fastback and 425 miles for the Tourer. In addition, the Pro S models can be charged at up to 200 kW DC, allowing for a quick top-up from 10 to 80 percent in just 26 minutes.

The ID.7 Pro S and Tourer Pro S models not only offer better performance but also maintain luxurious features such as a head-up display, Volkswagen’s latest MIB4 infotainment software with a 15-inch screen, and IQ.LIGHT Matrix headlights. They also feature three-zone air conditioning, heated front seats with massage functions, and privacy glass in the rear. Furthermore, the spacious boot provides ample storage, with up to 1,586 and 1,714 litres of space in the fastback and Tourer respectively (with the rear seats down).

The ID.7 Pro S and Tourer Pro S models are available for order from Volkswagen Retailers, priced at £55,450 and £56,140 including VAT.

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