The Audi RS3 with Milltek Sport ECE type-approved exhaust system.

Milltek Sport promotes responsible tuning practices by preventing the use of non-road-legal aftermarket parts on the street. The company has ECE type approval on over 900 products across its range of premium exhaust systems for latest generation performance cars, which are designed to comply with all conformity, environmental, and safety requirements stipulated by the European Commission.

The range includes cat-back, axle-back, and particulate filter-back exhaust systems, along with ECE approved catalysts that are legal for use on the road. Customers can enjoy significant improvements on their factory exhaust system while staying compliant with the law.

Since 2009, Milltek Sport marks all products as either suitable or unsuitable for street use. Exhausts for motorsport use only are labeled accordingly, with additional information available on the dealer portal. All systems undergo R&D and comply with ECE type approval.

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Milltek Sport is working with its dealers to ensure they comply with regulations. Two non-affiliated tuning companies were prosecuted by the DVSA for using illegal parts that failed to reduce emissions due to incorrect silencer and catalytic converter removal.

Milltek Sport is a SMART campaign founding member promoting safe, legal, and socially responsible car tuning for the modified car community.

The company installed an ECE-approved system on Devon & Cornwall Police’s Focus RS ‘police car.’ The car is used by Sergeant Owen Messenger for a community engagement project funded by Vision Zero South West. The exhaust system fitted is the only road-legal aftermarket performance exhaust for the Mk3 Focus RS in the UK.

Steve Pound, Managing Director of Milltek Sport, said: “Over the last 40 years, we’ve developed a reputation for producing high quality, premium exhaust systems to suitable for a wide range of applications – whether that’s on the street, or on the circuit. We’re proud to be a trusted name in the performance tuning industry, and believe we have a responsibility to do everything we can to ensure our products are always used for their intended purpose. Achieving ECE approval on over 900 of our products reflects our commitment to manufacturing exhaust systems of the highest quality, and we’ll continue to collaborate with the PAAA to promote safe and responsible practices across the industry.”

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