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Clive Sutton, a high-performance vehicle specialist based in London, has started taking orders for the 2024 Shelby Super Snake Mustang, which boasts an impressive 830 horsepower. This limited-edition Shelby American upgrade for the new S650 Mustang can be purchased from Sutton in either left- or right-hand drive, as a coupe or convertible, and comes with a supercharged 830hp V8 engine.

Clive Sutton has opened order books for the 830 horsepower 2024 Shelby Super Snake Mustang.

The new model comes in fastback or convertible form with a 5.0-litre V8 engine and manual or automatic transmission. It includes upgraded suspension, improved cooling, larger brakes, a high-flow exhaust, as well as lightweight enhancements such as an aluminum bonnet, magnesium wheels, and a carbon fibre rear wing for more agile handling.

Joe Conway, CEO of Shelby American: We designed the Shelby Super Snake to be the pinnacle of our performance cars based on Ford’s world-class Mustang sports car. It follows Carroll Shelby’s vision that each generation of car improves the breed – this is our best Shelby Super Snake yet.”

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The new Mustang is priced at £220,000 on-the-road, inclusive of all modifications, taxes, and import duties, with 250 limited build slots available for reservation through specialist retailer Clive Sutton for delivery in early 2025. Each model comes with a 3 years, 30,000-mile warranty and is entered in the official Shelby Register.

Clive Sutton, Founder and CEOWe have a long history of bringing UK enthusiasts the most powerful and desirable Mustangs. I’m confident that the Shelby Super Snake Mustang will excite many of our UK customers. The fact we handle all import technicalities and can offer this model in right-hand drive with a three-year warranty, means UK buyers essentially get a full vehicle manufacturer-style turnkey experience.”

The Shelby Super Snake was inspired by the 1966 race-bred Mark IV Ford GT, which won Le Mans that year. The first Super Snake was a one-off experimental model built for high-speed track testing. Over the years, the iconic model line has evolved while retaining its “competition-edged” personality.

Clive Sutton has been importing Shelby vehicles to the UK for over 16 years and is the only official Shelby American distributor in the UK. They offer the new Shelby Super Snake Mustang, the Super Snake F-150 trucks with 775bhp, and the new Shelby Cobra with a modern 5.0-litre V8 engine..

Clive Sutton specializes in luxury and high-performance vehicles, offering UK buyers unique, powerful, and desirable cars, trucks, and SUVs from the US and around the world.

  • Buyers interested in the Shelby range, or the Sutton team’s other luxury and high-performance vehicles, can call the London-based team on +44 (0)20 7483 6500 or visit 
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