Positive customer pilot results show that a simplified payment solution is critical to an inclusive EV transition.

Motability Operations has introduced Motability Go Charge, an innovative solution aimed at simplifying public EV charging for its customers.

Customers can use the Go Charge app to check real-time availability of charge points, filter chargers, track charging costs, and receive support for issues. The app provides a one-stop solution for accessing and paying for public EV charging, with no subscription fees.

As more Electric Vehicles (EVs) are produced, customers on the Motability Scheme face challenges due to limited accessible and affordable public charging.

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The company is partnering with startups to pilot schemes to help disabled customers overcome barriers to electric vehicles. The Go Charge app and card streamline EV payments at over 45,000 charge points across the UK, covering over 50% of all charge points and 70% of all rapid charge points, with ongoing efforts to expand coverage.

Andrew Miller, chief executive of Motability Operations commented:
Our customers find paying for public EV charging difficult due to multiple app downloads, complex payment systems, and expensive subscriptions, creating barriers to the transition to EV.

Go Charge will now be automatically rolled out to every EV customer on the Motability Scheme. This follows a successful pilot in 2023, where Motability Operations gathered extensive data and insights during a nine-month period with 5,000 customers to understand the specific challenges faced by disabled customers when charging their EV using public charge points.

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