Rolls-Royce welcomes pupils from Bourne Community College as it celebrates the fourth consecutive year of its Young People Mentors Initiative.
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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars recently celebrated its fourth consecutive year of participation in Dare to Dream, a mentoring scheme aimed at helping students realise their potential and overcome personal barriers to success.

In the current school year, 15 volunteers from across the company have served as mentors to Year 9 students from Chichester Free School, Bourne Community College, and Ormiston Six Villages Academy, all local to the Home of Rolls-Royce at Goodwood.

Each mentor works with three students who are dealing with challenges in their personal lives, academic progress, and future career decisions. Over three sessions, the mentors share their own experiences and seek to understand the students’ perspectives on life. Together, they challenge the students’ beliefs about themselves and the world around them.

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For the first time, Rolls-Royce apprentices took part in the mentorship program, sharing their knowledge and experiences with the young people involved. This proved to be particularly beneficial, as the apprentices are close in age and relatable to the students. The shared experiences and perspectives of the Rolls-Royce apprentices allowed them to connect with the students, fostering meaningful conversations and providing guidance that resonated strongly with the young participants.

By encouraging students to think beyond the confines of their school and home environments, the mentorship program can inspire aspirational ideas and motivate them to grapple with what lies ahead. Through sharing their own personal journeys, which have not always followed traditional educational and career paths, the mentors demonstrate that doors are not permanently closed.

Mark Adams, Director of Human Resources, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars commented… This is now the fourth year we have been working with Dare to Dream and everyone involved has found the journey very rewarding, from the young people taking part to our own team members acting as mentors. It was satisfying to see our apprentices take part this year. The talented apprentices that have successfully made it onto our prestigious programme have a great deal of experience to offer young people seeking guidance. The ability for pupils to share their concerns, experiences and aspirations with those already in work is a huge confidence booster as they approach their GCSE choices.”

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