Kia AI Assistant, Premium Streaming, advanced driving assistance systems, and Over-the-Air updates elevate the ownership experience.

Kia has unveiled the new Kia EV3, a dedicated compact EV SUV. With bold design and innovative technology, the EV3 sets new standards in the sector, aiming to broaden the appeal and elevate the perception of EV SUVs.

By providing groundbreaking design, an industry-leading electric drivetrain, and practical, innovative lifestyle solutions, the EV3 aims to extend Kia’s exceptional EV SUV experience to a wider audience. With a WLTP driving range of up to 600 km and fast-charging capability, the EV3 addresses common concerns about electric vehicles. It will reassure those who may have been hesitant to make the switch to electric mobility and will lead the mass adoption of EVs,” said Ho Sung Song, President and CEO at Kia.

For those interested in overall size of the EV3, it measures 4,300mm long, 1,850mm wide, and 1,560mm high, with a 2,680mm wheelbase. It features a front-wheel drive electric powertrain based on the Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) and utilizes Kia’s fourth-generation battery technology. The EV3 Standard model has a 58.3kWh battery, while the EV3 Long Range variant has an 81.4kWh battery. Both models are powered by a 150kW/283Nm electric motor, with 0-100km/h acceleration in 7.5 seconds and a maximum speed of 170 km/h.

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The Kia EV3 has been designed and engineered to meet the needs of customers who want a car that matches their sustainability values but do not want to compromise their practical everyday needs. It provides one of the best living and luggage sizes in its class, while our flexible E-GMP architecture delivers a best-in-class AER driving range. With the EV3, Kia has redefined the EV SUV segment to create a compact model that is comprehensively equipped with innovative technology and features,” said Spencer Cho, Vice President and Head of Global Business Planning.

The EV3, like the larger EV9 SUV, has been designed for optimal efficiency. It features enhanced aerodynamics and advanced Battery Management Unit technology for efficient energy use. The EV3 Long Range offers an estimated range of up to 600 km (WLTP) and rapid charging from 10-80 percent in approximately 31 minutes.

The EV3 is equipped with a suite of connectivity and entertainment features, including streamable content through its Premium Streaming service and in-car arcade games. The high-quality sound of the EV3’s Harman Kardon audio system delivers an immersive experience comparable to a home cinema.

Cars are no longer just a means of transportation but an extension of our ‘life space.’ Developed with numerous customer-centric innovations, the EV3 offers our customers an immersive content consumption experience with our premium streaming services and class-leading sound system,” commented Chang Sung Ryu, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Brand & CX. “Providing the ability to digitally customise the EV3’s interior through the Kia Connect Store in the same way one would personalise a smartphone, alongside the introduction of Kia’s AI Assistant these examples further highlight how the EV3 responds to customers’ ever-evolving needs.”

The EV3 lets users personalize their vehicle’s dashboard with NBA team-inspired Display Themes accessible through the Kia Connect Store. It’s the first Kia EV model with AI Assistant technology, providing intuitive control and support. The voice assistant, powered by generative AI, offers natural language understanding and travel planning support. Kia plans to expand AI Assistant’s services in Europe and beyond.

The EV3 will launch in Korea in July 2024 and in Europe later that year, with further global expansion planned.

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