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How do you replace the Chiron, a hypercar with nearly 1,600 bhp and a top speed of over 300 mph? CEO Mate Rimac considered a hybridised Chiron and even redesigned his own electric Nevera hypercar but ultimately decided on creating an all-new car. The result is an awe-inspiring machine!

The engine is a naturally aspirated 8.3-litre V16 that will rev to 9000 rpm. Alongside three electric motors, the hybrid powertrain delivers a staggering 1,775 bhp (or 1,800 PS). The car’s top speed will be limited to 277 mph, but there may be a top-speed record attempt in the future.

The interior is equally exceptional, drawing on Pagani’s style for intricate details, with the exposed workings of the sophisticated dials inspiring the car’s name, Tourbillion. These are just the headlines, so sit back and take an in-depth tour of the £3.8m Chiron successor with Top Gear Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Jack Rix, and Bugatti boss Mate Rimac.

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