Volklec represents a significant investment in engineering and manufacturing in Coventry.

Today marks the launch of Volklec, a new UK manufacturing business focused on producing batteries for electric vehicles. Located in Coventry in the West Midlands, the company aims to power electrified mobility by manufacturing sustainable batteries for on-road, off-highway, and track vehicles.

In a groundbreaking technology collaboration in the UK, Volklec is partnering with UKBIC, the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre, a national manufacturing development scale-up facility that also provides skills for the growing EV battery sector.

Through this collaboration, Volklec, with the support of UKBIC, will develop batteries to meet the specific requirements of the UK automotive market, catering to the diverse array of small volume and niche vehicle manufacturers. Volklec’s product development and rapid scale-up process play a crucial role in the roadmap to giga-scale production. This collaboration is expected to create job opportunities in the West Midlands and contribute to building world-class battery research and development, as well as process and manufacturing capability in the UK.


Sean Gilgunn, UKBIC Managing Director, expressed delight in welcoming Volklec to UKBIC as their launch base in the heart of the UK automotive industry. This agreement marks the start of Volklec’s journey to create a battery with the potential to scale up to significant volumes in the coming years. Manufacturing cells at volume is vital to ensuring the UK prospers from the energy transition towards Net Zero, and this agreement further demonstrates the unique value of UKBIC to the battery ecosystem.

You can visit the Volklec website HERE

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