They were designed by McLaren supercar designers. They have hand-laid carbon-fibre frames and five power settings: Off, Eco, Trail, Sport, and Race.

McLaren Automotive, known for its supercars like the McLaren P1TM, has unveiled its first range of electric bikes, inspired by its high-performance supercars. These limited-edition e-bikes feature carbon-fibre construction and a powerful motor for class-leading performance.

The McLaren electric mountain bikes feature an innovative digital display inspired by supercar driver displays, showing telemetry information on a full-color LCD panel. Available in four models, they offer different riding experiences.

The flagship McLaren 600 versions are competing for the title of the world’s most powerful street-legal electric mountain bike, delivering up to 852W of peak power and reaching a top speed of 20mph/32 kph in Race mode.

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There are two limited edition electric mountain bike models available: a 29” hardtail version and a full-suspension version with a 29” front wheel, 27.5” rear wheel, 145mm of rear travel, and 160mm of fork travel.

The range includes four models: the Extreme 600W and Extreme 250W with SRAM wireless XX Eagle Transmission 12-speed drivetrain, and the Sport 600W and Sport 250W with mechanical SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain.

“McLaren Sport: The perfect all-purpose mountain bike that performs equally well off-road and on aggressive single tracks. It features integrated components and a minimalist frame design, delivering pure McLaren style. Similar to McLaren cars, it offers a choice of power modes that can be selected via the digital display on the integrated cockpit.”

  • Off – No motor assist
  • Eco – Energy conservation for long rider
  • Trail – A set-it-and-forget-it balance of power and efficiency
  • Sport – Extra power output for when the trail demands more
  • Race – Max power and max torque

The McLaren Extreme is a full-suspension electric mountain bike designed for maximum off-road performance, control, and comfort. All five power modes are the same as those in the McLaren Sport. Both the Sport and Extreme models come with Pirelli tires.

  • The *600W versions will only be available for purchase in the United States.
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