Ferrari has also officially approved the use of new versions of the aftermarket tyres already offered by Pirelli for the F40 and F50.

The new Pirelli P Zero Corsa System tyre developed for the Enzo Ferrari offers advanced grip, performance, and safety. It comes in original front (245/35 R19) and rear (345/35 R19) sizes and features two tread patterns to prevent aquaplaning.

Pirelli has approved the use of P Zero and P Zero Corsa System tyres for the Ferrari F40 and F50. The F40 was the first car to use Pirelli P Zero tyres in 1987. Pirelli has updated the tire sizes to match the original ones. The P Zero Corsa System tires for the 1995 Ferrari F50 have also undergone testing to ensure they perform similarly to the original tyres.

Ferrari with Pirelli is developing a new P7 Cinturato tyre for the 1984 GTO, featuring a low aspect ratio for better handling. The tyre will be available in original sizes and will combine a period look with modern materials and construction technology.

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“By officially approving replacement tyres for these four iconic supercars, Ferrari once again shows its dedication to ensuring that owners of historically significant Prancing Horse models can confidently drive their cars on the road.”

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