From The Makers Of The Penny Farthing... The Ariel Dash marks a return to bicycle manufacturing after 92 years For Ariel UK.

The Dash is the result of five years of research, development, and automotive-level engineering by the in-house Ariel team. It showcases ultra-lightweight materials, state-of-the-art technology, and obsessive attention to detail.

The Ariel Dash embodies the company’s principles of functionality, performance, and hand-built quality to provide the best riding experience possible, reflecting Ariel’s core values of “serious fun.”

The Ariel Dash is designed, engineered and tested to automotive standards. Available in two distinct forms – the Dash Urban and the Dash Adventure – both feature titanium / carbon frames. Different frame geometry, drivetrain, and specifications are employed to suit the handling characteristics, riding positions and use scenarios of each model. 

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The Dash Urban is a city-focused road bike with single-speed, belt-drive technology, providing a power-assisted range of up to 45 miles, extendable to 80 miles.

The Dash Adventure is a versatile road/trail/gravel bike with chain-drive and 12 gears, offering around 50 miles of power-assisted riding, extendable to 95 miles.

The frame weighs just 1.3 kilograms, made from a mix of titanium tube and carbon fiber with 3D-printed titanium nodes at every joint, showcasing cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship.

Ariel’s ‘Less is More’ philosophy is shown by the absence of visible wiring, hydraulic hoses, or cables on the bike. All systems are internally routed through the frame, forks, and handlebars, resulting in a clean and efficient design, coupled with carbon fiber forks and lightweight components.

The Dash Urban and Dash Adventure both use Mahle powertrains with different specifications, 250W rear hub motors, internally mounted 36-volt battery packs, and the option for additional range extender batteries.

The Dash bikes are meticulously customised for each customer at the Ariel factory in Crewkerne, Somerset. Crafted alongside the Atom and Nomad cars, a single technician builds each bike, adding their nameplate only upon complete satisfaction with the build. This personalized, handcrafted approach is a testament to Ariel’s unwavering commitment to skilled craftsmanship and personalized service, solidifying their reputation as the ‘Savile Row of the Automotive World’. Also, at just 10.9 kilos and with an almost 100-mile range the Ariel Dash sets new standards in usability, comfort and performance for e-bikes.

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