Stress-free and seamless packaged and bulk AdBlue delivery to keep businesses operational.

At the Road Transport Expo, Commercial Fuel Solutions Limited will demonstrate a range of low carbon solutions designed to aid fleets in transitioning toward a Net Zero future. The company will showcase the UK’s first hydrogen internal combustion engine power generator, as well as display examples of its AdBlue and HVO/GTL ready storage tanks. These tanks can be customized with tailored Diesel and AdBlue dispensing solutions for operators seeking to minimize emissions in their supply chains and a cost-effective fuel management system helps reduce fuel theft, monitor stock levels, and improve fuel efficiency, cutting costs.

The increasing diesel prices impact all business owners. Safeguarding fuel stock is crucial to prevent misuse and theft. Employing a fuel management system is essential for cost-effective operations and efficient fleet management. Commercial Fuel Solutions offers nationwide on-site installation services and a factory-fit option with many tank manufacturers.

AdBlue is essential for fleet operation. Commercial Fuel Solutions offers a unique deposit-free system for purchasing AdBlue. Their fleet refuels customers’ IBCs with quality, unblended AdBlue from Yara, ensuring zero downtime.

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Commercial Fuel Solutions is proud to introduce the UK’s first commercially available hydrogen internal combustion power generator. The 45 kVA Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (H2ICE) Electrical Power Generator, offered for purchase and hire, is a groundbreaking product revolutionizing clean, efficient, and cost-effective energy generation. Utilizing a hydrogen combustion engine, this generator offers a resilient solution for diverse power requirements at a fraction of the usual capital expenditure (CAPEX).

Robin Futcher, Founder and CEO of Commercial Fuel Solutions, said; We have thousands of customers in the road transport sector and understand first-hand the pressures they are under to reduce the carbon footprint of their fleets and we’re on hand to help them. Not only do we have a range of innovative technologies that can support fleets at every stage, from AdBlue delivery and robust fuel management systems and tanks that are 100% compatible with HVO/GTL, we also offer hydrogen generators that produce very low carbon energy wherever and whenever it is needed, off the grid.

He continued We’re not just about hardware and products. Our brand new, facility, H1, includes a state-of-the-art classroom specifically designed to provide training and support for our customers. We’ll equip them with the knowledge they need to navigate the transition to net zero, offering upskilling programs, comprehensive tutorials in carbon literacy, in-depth product training, and insightful breakdowns of the evolving regulations surrounding gaseous fuelling, including the emergence of new safety standards.”

Commercial Fuel Solutions will be showcasing some of these technologies at the Road Transport Expo:

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