Wings tour bus offered for auction in April with Car & Classic.

Car & Classic is auctioning the 1972 Wings tour bus, famously used by Sir Paul and Linda McCartney during the Wings Over Europe Tour. The restored bus is up for pre-bids now and the auction runs from 22 April to 29 April. Another opportunity for rock ‘n’ roll enthusiasts to own a piece of music history.

In 1972, Sir Paul McCartney and Wings used a double-decker bus as their tour bus, which gained worldwide fame. During the tour, they traveled over 7,500 miles across nine countries and 25 cities. The tour marked the rise of Wings after The Beatles. The media paid attention to the tour, and it’s possible that several hit songs, including the iconic Bond theme “Live and Let Die,” were potentially written within the bus. The song was recorded later that same year (1972).

The bus, registered as WNO 481, has become a symbol of both rock and road. Its psychedelic colour scheme mirrors the Beatles’ 1960s Yellow Submarine album cover. The bus still retains features from its heyday, which offers a glimpse into the era of the ‘swinging Sixties’, Carnaby Street, and the universal message of peace and love.


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